Open Science Seminars

Interested in learning about Open Science and Open Science research practices?

Join our Open Science seminar series and learn the skills needed to create an optimised and transparent research workflow that is embedded in Open Science. The courses will be held online from 2-3 p.m. and are open to anyone interested.


21 Feburary 2023: Introduction to Open Science
07 March 2023: Replication Crisis
14 March 2023: Citizen Science
23 March 2023: Data Management Plans
18 April 2023: PsychNotebook: Create, share, and export your code projects
09 May 2023: Transparency in Qualitative Research
16 May 2023: Docker for Reproducible Research
23 May 2023: Pre-registration of Research Projects
21 June 2023: Reproducible Manuscripts with R Markdown and Pagedown

Find out more about the program now and register for the online courses in the student portal. External attendees may register directly through the events on the Open Sciene Website.

Foto: Sebastian Weindel

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