From Wednesday: New opening hours and extended opening in subject libraries and the central lending library

From Wednesday, 9 June 2021, the subject libraries A3, A5, Schloss Ehrenhof and Schloss Schneckenhof will be open for all user groups with new opening hours and an extended number of seats. Members of the University of Mannheim are not required to book a seat.

Opening hours:

  • A3: 10‒22 Uhr (Mo‒So) 
  • A5: 10‒22 Uhr (Mo‒So) 
  • Schloss Ehrenhof: 8‒22 Uhr (Mo‒Fr) und 10‒22 Uhr (Sa‒So) 
  • Schloss Schneckenhof: 8‒22 Uhr (Mo‒Fr) und 10‒22 Uhr (Sa‒So) 
  • Ausleihzentrum Schloss Westflügel: 10‒18 Uhr (Mo‒Fr) 

The following applies to the subject libraries:

  • Members of the University of Mannheim can still book their seat, there is also a contingent of seats available for spontaneous visits. Please pay attention to the display of available seats.
  • For members of cooperating institutions and individuals with a library card a seat booking is mandatory to access the library.
  • Group work is possible in the appropriate areas at approved seats in compliance with the spacing rules.
  • Entering and leaving the library is recorded with the ecUM or the UB chip card. Please have your card ready.
  • In the subject libraries it is mandatory to wear medical grade masks (FFP2 or OP masks).
  • The scanning service for members of the University will continue to be offered.

The following applies to the central lending library:

  • The central lending library is accessible to all user groups without prior registration.
  • Media from the central lending library can again be borrowed on site without pre-ordering. Only media from the closed stacks must still be ordered.
  • Access to and departure from the lending centre will continue to be recorded via the ecUM or UB chip card. Please have your card ready.
  • There is an obligation to wear medical grade masks (FFP2 or OP masks) in the lending centre.

Please inform yourself about the applicable hygiene rules before your visit.

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