Research Skills

Join our courses and get information and tips for your scientific practice in the fall semester!

Research Skills are the abilities to search, find, extract, organize, evaluate, use and present information relevant to a specific topic.

7 September: Introduction to Open Science [course is cancelled, will be postponed!]
14 September: Pre-Registration and Registered Reports
26 September: How Open Science Practices affect Research Impact & Visibility
5 October: Open Access
24 October: The FAIR Data Principles
31 October: Tools for FAIR Data Sharing (MADATA, Omeka …)
14 November: Data Management Plan Workshop
21 November: Tools for an open and reproducible research workflow
28 November: OCR for research
05 Dezember: Knowledge Graphs for Research

Find out more about our program in the fall semester and register for the courses via the student portal. External attendees please register via the link in the respective event announcement.

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